Comfort Food: Gluten Free Penne w/ White Beans in Olive Oil Sauce

Hello to potentially no one! Unless you’re here, then hello to you – and thanks for coming to my new food blog!

This isn’t serious cooking, just seriously decent cooking. I love food. It tastes good, and under the right circumstances, it can be really beautiful. But I am not a chef. Not a chef at all. I’m just some twenty-something chick on the East Coast, longing for another coast, (hopefully) getting over a chronic illness, and learning how to cook great food that tastes and looks delicious. There’s nothing fancy about this blog or the way I cook. This is about grabbing what’s around, which is sometimes not much, especially because I have a restricted diet which we’ll talk about another time, and turning lemons into steak. I’m not sure I’ll even have exact measurements. Think of me as an over sized Instagram with more space for unwanted text and larger font.

To kick us off, and a great way for you to get an idea of what will go on here, here’s a simple comfort dish on this (where I am) rainy, thundering day – which are my favorite days.


• Gluten Free Pasta

• Quarter of an Onion

• White (cannellini) Beans

• Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder (feel free to use fresh garlic) & Parsley

• Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I suggest getting things chopped and pans with water out beforehand, unless you’re me and like to have a panic attack over things being finished before other things.

Slice the onions thinly, or dice them if you don’t like to look at your onion. If you’re cool and using fresh herbs, chop those up now, too. Rinse your beans off and put them to the side.

Heat up a decent amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of your choice, enough to be the coating for your pasta as a sauce – at the same time start to boil your water. Add a little salt to the water, because the box says so, and science says it makes water boil better. Or faster?

When the EVOO starts to heat up, throw in those onion with a pinch of salt and let them heat up until they’re a little soft and translucent. I like to add a pinch of pepper and garlic powder to the onions at this point. If you’re using fresh garlic, throw that in and stir until you feel like an Italian chef (only a few seconds). Now it’s time to drop those beans! Let them in, and mix until they’re fully coated in the EVOO and onions.

You may want to throw some pasta in at this point if your water is boiling. I used half a box. Follow their directions on time.

*an aside about garlic: I LOVE fresh garlic, but I’ve found that it may be an irritant for me, so I am avoiding it for now and using the powder. Not as good, but definitely not bad.

While the beans are heating, lower your flame to somewhere between medium and off, and add in your parsley. I happen to use dry in this recipe, so I let it sit for a few extra minutes to settle. Also I pretty much only add it because it’s some color and makes the dish prettier to look at. If you’re not into it, ditch that or add something else, like spring onions. Yum! Now is a good time to taste and add more salt, pepper, garlic powder, and/or dried parsley.

Lower your flame and let the bean sauce sit with itself so it can contemplate life and gain a deeper, more meaningful flavor while the pasta continues to cook.

Once your pasta is done, drain and mix into sauce until fully ::intertwines fingers::… you just want everything to be together. In the end, this is what it should look like:


The beans add a lovely creaminess that I’d normally like to get from some Parmesan Cheese, and if you don’t have a problem with dairy, I suggest adding it to this! Feel free to sub your favorite veggies, too.





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