Rainbow Potato Hash

It’s Sunday where I am, and that only means one thing: I barely want to do anything besides lie in bed and Netflix all day – but a girl’s gotta eat! And what makes things more challenging is that this girl’s gotta eat non-processed, gluten/dairy/soy free foods (who needs to eat after that mouth full?).

What is a lazy person to do on a day they’re supposed to rest, but they also want to have something yummy and pretty (this will be a frequent word and idea here, get over it)? RAINBOW POTATO HASH!!

What makes it a rainbow?  I used different colored potatoes and transferred all of my emotional energy from this past week into it.

Heads up: This recipe is meant to have extras, there are no exact measurements because we’re not about that/have time for that stuff over here, and there will be more pictures. You win.


• Sweet, Russet & Red Potato

• Onion

• Red Bell Pepper

• Button Mushrooms                                 • Water

• Salt, Pepper & Garlic Powder               • EVOO

unnamed-2Put on your favorite podcast and/or music and chop the potatoes into the cub-sized pieces pictured. Let’s keep it nice and rustic and rough cut because it’s Sunday and we’re not trying to do anything extra stressful.

It’s best if you use a non-stick pan for this recipe. Put about two tables spoons of the EVOO in the pan on a medium heat. Once it warms up, add in the potatoes, sprinkle with some salt, and let them start lightly frying/browning. Keep them uncovered for this part.

Grab a smidgen of water to keep by your side, because it’s what we’re going to use to cook the rest. I’ve found that if you keep adding oil, you end up with a greasy, gross mess. Despite the extra frying and calories, I just don’t want to eat little potato cubes in puddles of oil, but if that’s your jam, go for it – DO YOU!

Start chopping your veggies. Today, I had mushrooms, a red bell pepper and onion lying around, but any would probably be great in here. unnamed-5

When the potatoes take on a brown like this, add the veggies. I put them right on top, sprinkle them with my spice combo, and turn the heat up a little higher while adding 4 or so TBSPs of water. I eyeball it. Because I’m a gangster. And because it’s Sunday. We’re looking to steam the rest. To keep some of the crisp while continuing to soften the inside of the potatoes and cook the veggies. If you don’t need water, or need less than recommended, adjust. It has to do with your preference and keeping an eye on the situation. At some point, you may want to turn down the heat, unlike I did, so you won’t burn some of it.


I like to let it sit like this for a little so things can soften more and marry together, but only for a few minutes, otherwise it can get too soft. Otherwise, enjoy this beautiful mosaic of colors from the earth. Was that too hippie?

unnamed-7Take the top off after five or so minutes, let the excess liquid cook off, or drain if appropriate.

Let it continue cooking with the top off, allowing it to get crispier if you wish (may want to add a little more oil in that case).

Continue tasting and adding spices to your liking. Once done, it should look beautiful, colorful, and taste like a Sunday should.

If you have it, add some purple potatoes, cut up some chives to sprinkle on top when done, and a dollop of sour cream (dairy or non-dairy). YUM!



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