Let’s Ketchup!

Today we’re going to make my homemade, sugar free ketchup recipe while we catch up! See my play on words there? Yeah. This is why I’m cool.

We’re gonna play with spices. These powdery, pulverized babies are our ride to Flavor-Town in this super healthy, crafty alternative to buying that store bought shit. Sorry, but it’s shit! There’s a ton of sugar and chemicals in it. Why do we need that? In my unbiased opinion, it’s stupid.

My views are a little skewed since eating clean. Similar to my skewed ideas of driving-ease to different states in the US after my cross-country road trip. With the knowledge of knowing I can drive to literally anywhere in the US with ease, I also know that I can make things normally bought pre-made all by myself, and much healthier. I know not everyone has the time or need to cook what they eat from scratch. But..you just should anyway because it’s better.  Also, I once read someone say that any good restaurant makes their own unique ketchup. That’s really cool, so, be like that.


• One Large Can or 26oz Box of Strained Tomatoes

• Distilled White Vinegar

• Cinnamon

• Onion Powder

• All Spice

• Garlic Powder

• Salt & Pepper

Get a sauce pan and your strained tomatoes, and a chair, because I’m gonna tell you a little story about my life. And when I say strained tomatoes, I mean puréed tomatoes. You want the consistency to be smooth, unless you want to try this with chopped tomatoes and make it a little chunky. I say go for it. Do what you feel.


Put the strained tomatoes in your pot, adding 2 TSPs of the Distilled White Vinegar, and about a teaspoon to start of all your spices. 

Cover your pot because things are going to get a little crazy, you’ll see, and keep the heat at a medium to medium-low setting. This will cook for about 25-30 minutes to reach a thick, ketchup consistency.

Pictured below is around how much spice I add per spice. I do a blanketing of sorts with each, sometimes adding less or more. If I want it more savory, I’ll keep the spice measurements  fairly equal and maybe add more pepper and salt. If I want it to be a little sweeter, I’ll keep the salt, pepper, onion, and garlic powder even while adding extra cinnamon and all spice. And I know. You’re thinking, how do cinnamon and all spice make any sense here? But they do! As soon as you add them and smell it cooking, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Suddenly, the room will start to smell like hot ketchup. And if you’re like me, it will nauseate you. Keep in mind that, though we’re loosey goosey with ingredients here, the vinegar seems crucial for this to work.unnamed-2

While that’s going, let’s chat.  We’ve never really spoken about me and why I made this blog, or even why I’ve decided to change my lifestyle to eat clean. It’s important because eating clean can feel really restrictive, and is a choice to work toward bettering yourself and your health. Sometimes it’s not a choice. Sometimes people have to restrict what they put into their body for allergy and health reasons.

Clean eating, for me, was a choice. I became so sick sometime at the end of 2014, and am still healing from it. I think it was a matter of my own error that was eventually worsened by doctor error, but in the midst of my health battle, I realized how truly unhealthy I was living. I decided to go on Whole30 in hopes of resetting my body. And no, this blog is not sponsored by Whole30. I have one follower and a few posts. I’m only here to promote good health and helpful food ideas – without preaching. Maybe.

**Remember to keep stirring the ketchup every 15 minutes or so. It’s thickening, and may stick to the bottom of the pan if you don’t keep an eye on it. And don’t panic. I know, it’s bubbling and spewing tomato sauce everywhere, and is somehow hotter than lava. This isn’t a chemistry experiment gone wrong, at least I don’t think. It’s normal. Let it keep going!

Anyway, back to me. Worried that I had an autoimmune disorder, restricting what I allowed into my body seemed like the path I should take. For an entire month, I had no gluten, dairy, soy, grains, sugar, cold cuts, anything processed. I had to eat pure, whole foods.

Autoimmune disorders are an overreaction of inflammation in the body while it’s attacking something it shouldn’t, or something invisible. Therefore, certain food irritants and allergens we’re not entirely aware of can begin to look like an autoimmune disorder. And because doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, I thought I had horrible food allergies all of a sudden and was even instructed to eliminate many foods while trying to figure out the issue.


After about 30 minutes, the pot will be a big huge mess, and the ketchup will have thickened. If you’re happy with it at this consistency, turn off the heat, switch to a cooler burner, and let it sit until it’s temperature appropriate to store. This is also a good time to carefully taste and add more spice if you need to.

In the past few weeks, I’ve realized that my issue most likely wasn’t stemming from certain foods like gluten and dairy and soy, but I’ve done enough reading and research to know that these things are unnecessary and still irritate the body despite everything. I’ve chosen to stick with clean eating because of this, and because I truly believe that if I eliminate impurities my body would normally have to fight to get rid of,  it will give my body more fuel to heal an actual problem that I don’t have complete control over. In my opinion, processed food is a killer. There’s too much crap in it for the body to handle.

 This is what your sugar free, homemade ketchup should look like in the end! Use it how you would use your normal ketchup!

This will keep in the fridge for a week and a half to 2 weeks.

Please remember. That what I said here are purely my own beliefs and experience. If it inspires, I’m happy to help someone work toward wellness with me. If it’s not your thing – keep doing what you do! #Murica









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